Vinyl test-pressing and 10'000 CD's

Hello to all the people on this planet.

Test pressing arrived today!

Over and out



Some flyers we made out of cheap but thrilling "Freizeit" magazine:

Tourblog: Berlin day I, II & III


As you might have noticed from our tour plan we're having some days off in Berlin right now. Stupidly enough, we've not taken enough pictures, because we just forgot to. So this time, we'll have to write and you just imagine the pictures.

On the day when we arrived in Berlin we wanted to go out for some beers 4 sure. So, what do you do? Get in them U-Bahn an get a ride down to kookalooku Kreuzberg. But: not easy on a monday to find lots of bar open still at late hours! Thankfully, Ronny knew the lovinly "Mini Bar" in Kreuzkölln where we spent some good time after having had some Astras at "Ankerklause". There it was time for the good old "say-a-letter-and-find-bands-beginning-with-that-letter"-game. We played like 5 rounds of it and mind-blocked-Riccardo did lose every single round either in first or second try.

Then on the second day we went for shopping (some of us found themselves in the situation of smelly shirts and socks after only some days of touring), had some great fantastic german traditional food, saw a horror movie at a big cinema and went clubbing a bit. Also, we did some flyerism out of some cheap but nice "Freizeit"-magazines, we'll post them in a separate post.

And today we'll be having our first Berlin gig at Möbelfabrik, before playing tomorrow at Duncker Club and then on friday moving on to Leipzig.

Davv and Yakari sends out to all of you folks some cheers and pears!



You can see pure panic coming out of Patriks eyes


Some of us went to the Ramones Museum today




Hi Patrik

May we introduce Patrik, our new wild at heart drummer and buddy for everything!


Yakari spring collection 2013

We wanna give you an impression of our new spring collection ideas currently manufactured in malaysia. Its some cellphone shots we just received from textile lab in Central Malacca!

We're working on a couple of fresh style jeans pants and some cool graphic art t-shirts made by spanish designer Gala Gonzalez (thanks, gala!).

Check it out:

Jeans-pantalon "burnout" front

Jeans-pantalon "burnout" back

Graphic-Tee "TGIF"

Fashionslave Steve Tudikc!




How - deee!

Our tour-roadie "Fuchs" took his chance grabbing the 2013 'long haired skull head' shirt. He's totally out of his mind, because since he's working for us, he never really liked our shirts. But this time, it's totally Fuchs' style as you can see. AND WHY IS THAT? Because fuchs does some design work in his spare time and surprised us with the idea of a long haired skull head. We like it, Fuchs likes it and we hope Germany does like this too. But hey - the land of the SCORPIONS has no choice, they're all into hardrock for a lifetime!


Hey there!

As some of you may already know: we're currently planning our first Monster-Germany-Tour (with the crazy DAVV) which will take place during the end of April! YIKES! So soon!

We're still looking for gigs between the 19th and 23th of April! Our other dates are:

18.04. EXIL Zürich
19.04. WTF
20.04. Frappant E.V. Hamburg
21.04. WTF
22.04. WTF
23.04. WTF
24.04. Zur Möbelfabrik Berlin
25.04. Duncker Club Berlin
26.04. Hinz Und Kunz Leipzig
27.04. Kids Bar Mössingen

If you can help out in any way you will be gloriously rewarded! You will be the first to wear our new tour shirt.




Special visit @ YKR Hq

Today while recording two special friends came by to say hi!

Steve Tudikc (former bass player, now official advisor) and Zimon Afro. Welcome!


From Özlem with love...

Last may, official Yakari photographer *Özlem* from Basel took another nice snapshot of us curious four holding our instruments. We didn't even realize this beautiful sunset behind our backs! Well, that's part of our routine duties, but sometimes you just wish to gear down and leave all that hectic rush behind you, just to carry the strong memory of an everyday sunset like a fire in your heart...


We record a new record!

Howdy (how do ye) partners!

Tonight, yakari started to record their new full length album. Here's a few photos to get you a sense of the thrill! Watch 'em all!

Manager's view on the recording zone with security window (bullet proof glass).

It's funny most people still don't know there's a hidden rifle in every electric guitar.

Kid Ikarus drawings we found today. Sick and sad material.

Mr. Richie is keeping a sharp eye on Jonas' guitar playing. "Right kid, now you got it!"

Few producers talk about Panda Time as other expression for recording days. Manager Steve Tudikc brought this very special talisman into the studio today. THANK YOU, STEVE!!!

Original title: Every 1's a Winner (except you)

Recordings are long and can sometimes even get a little bit draggy. Our head of recording likes to pass the time creating some really knock-out drawings. ELIMINATOR!

the bright knight rises



This is what we found the other day in the newspaper. Uhm.

English translation for all our english speaking friends:

Yakari (42): I feel the spring, but I feel it with the full impact of the strongest POWER!!! I am totally off my trolley, because I know that you and me are going to do the coolest thing! Can you imagine? Are you prepared? I order you NOW!

FEELIT (35): Heart? BRAINS? Do you understand jokes? Apart? No maximum of 8 up to life 15? If you agree, then we meet. Cold blooded masculine, 174 inch, 62 pounds, R(ingadingdong), with same 8 up 15 step one is right here waiting for YOU! Kisses(smack)!




We're ashamed of not having shared any information with you for AGES. It's just because there have been THINGS happening! DRASTIC changes have forced us to stay away from public spaces for so long.

So where do we start?

We'll take it right away: RONNY LEFT THE BAND!

It's true and we know it's hard to believe but that's just the way it is!

It was Ronny's decision as he wants to spend more time and dedication on other things in his life (rather than rocking and slacking off all time (like us)). We've shared incredibly fun moments with Ronny and are happy to still have him as "APPROVED YAKARI ADVISOR 1st GRADE". So cool!!!

What's the more news? Well, now that Ronny's bass is gone, we need substitute! And guess who's fillin' the gap! It's ROMANN (the guy behind the drums until now)! THAT'S RIGHT - he let his dream become reality and just swapped his drummer life for a brand new shiny BAD ASS BASS PLAYER LIFE!


"But...", you'll be asking, "...then who's on the drums now?!"

Well first let us say that this is just astonishing. You'll never guess!! MAN, we've managed to get FABULOUS DOMI 'OPP onto teh Yakari-Trail! He smashed the drums for FUCKIN' AWESOME JOHN SARS for so long and does so now for them ULTRA Legendery Lightness!! Also, he's working on his former solo project, which now also has turned more into a band called DOOMENFELS. "MAN! HOW DOES HE HANDLE ALL THAT BANDS?" Well, you might not know that Domi is pure MUSIC WIZARDRY - and not only that. A GREAT fella too! SO HAPPY YOU JOINED, DOMI!

So that's a lot of news, ain't it? But here comes more:

Well, it's actually only concert dates:

25. März, Grabenhalle, St.Gallen, with Disappears (Steve Shelley)
7. April, Profitreff, Zürich, Ikarus Sampler Release Fest
20. April, Bout du Monde, Vevey
18. Mai, Sedel, Luzern, with Duara
19. Mai, Hirscheneck, Basel, with Aie ca Gicle

4. August, Openair im Paradis Gärtli, Steinmaur
10. August, Hors Tribu Festival, Môtiers

We have to settle with these dates for until at least June. Roman & Riccardo are finishing their super-studies and need to roll back their music-loudness-knobs a bit till then. So if you're a booker of some kind and want us to crash your party, event, tête à tête dinner, or whatever, beginning from this years June, drop us a mail at yakarimusic@gmail.com





dear fashioners and fashionists: first celebs' have been seen wearing the brand new yakari t-shirt! as you can see it's an absolute allrounder and there's nothing you couldn't combine it with! style-experts from all continents call it already a "must-have". An honour for us that even men of science support our band and isn't it comforting to know that even they take a time-out listening to the same music as you do? they are also just humans - like YOU ...and US. Think about it...

Kid Rock

Lady Gaga

Stephen Hawking

Preparations rollin'

We are getting ready for the big celebration next friday!
It's going to be HOT!
Facebook event



Hey peeps

As you might have heard on FM Radio or seen in TV, Yakari is launching an own Fashion label. To introduce this fresh born label baby Yakari will be organizing YAKARI FASHION WEEKS soon. The models are ready and so are the shirts and bags.

Good to know: some of the Fashion will be available at Yakari's Release Fest on November 25th, as Tombola winning prices!



Finally we screenprinted the total expressive abstract weirdo - cover of our new record. Let's have a look how yakari is working: